Market Study

A market study is what gives the answer to the question: “Is it really a good idea to promote this product?”. To be able to do this, it is important to consider who the future clients are and what are their consumption trends. Before creating a company, it is key to study the market, to understand the environment of one’s activity and to identify the potential competitors. Carrying out a market study is also a way to gather information to determine the best position to adopt in the market.

Why order a Market Study from us?

  • Carrying out a market study is crucial to be able to make the right choices and limit risk-taking when starting a new activity or launching a new product. Ultimately the study will yield results that define the best marketing strategy to follow and the best angle of attack for the project launch.
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70% of young companies go bankrupt because of a bad or inexistent market study.
Source : Agence For Compagnies Creation (APCE)

To Sum Up

Target clientele

Evaluate the demand

Estimate the competition

Get better acquainted with the targeted environment

Client Testamonial :

In order to get to know this market, I chose to work with ESCadrille to carry out a study and identify a high potential niche. I chose ESCadrille because of their presence in the aeronautical sector and their culture and enthusiasm for innovation. Thanks to their substantive work, ESCadrille managed to understand the need for drones in the Midi-Pyrénées region. I was impressed with the team’s drive and thoroughness (they organized regular reviews with me to make sure the study was heading in the right direction). Therefore it was no surprise when they managed to gather rich and accurate data. The information they provided me with was crucial in determining the direction of my project on a strategical and technological level. They confirmed the general craze for drones, the existence of a real need and thus the potential of the Sunbirds Project.
Laurent Rivière Entrepreneur