A président word :

" This year ESCadrille won the acclamation of “Best Junior Enterprise in Europe”. This title highlights the implication of its members, the undertaking of a solid experience and our commitment to quality. We are extremely proud of all the studies we carry out. We believe that each one of them gives us the opportunity to show off the values we treasure: Pugnacity, Innovation and Ambition. "

Thomas Tardieux


Thomas De Biasi


Natacha Deneux


Manon Ferey

General secretary

Paul Marlin


Andréa Dekneuvel

Head of Web Marketing and Information System

Baptiste Coulon

Head of Customer Relations

Aurélien Deixonne

Head of Commercial Development

Manon Merpillat

head of Communication

Pauline Pible

Member of the Audit and Quality department

Anouar Sbai

Member of the Treasury department

Titouan Tessonneaud

Member of the Customer Relation department

Pauline Hannebicque

Member of the Commercial Development department

Tu-Linh Tran

Head of the International Development department

Ines Sahraoui

Member of the Communication department