Reaching a specific customer base is not easy : it requires to draw up a real strategy in communication

Ours services in communication bring you a true support in your development strategy. Backed with our 40 years of activity to our clients, ESCadrille has always known how to develop innovative methodologies, moreover adapted to your issues.

Plan de communication

Communication Plan

There is no business communication without a communication plan. Our part is therefore to give you all the management keys to build the core of your communication strategy during the launch or the development of your products and brands.

The goals :
- Diagnose the strategy and ressources of communication
- Optimize the use of the communication tools
- Build a strategy plan in the short and long term

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Étude d'image

Image Study

The image study is a way to get the perception associated with your business, both positive and negative associations made with a brand, values that are conveyed and the strategic position concerning your competition.

The goals :
- Study the perception your consummers have of your business
- Assess the image of your business regarding its competition
- Build a strategic plan in order to improve your image

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Étude de notoriété

Renown Study

Unlike the image study, the renown sutdy aims to assess the knowledge of the brand. It allows you to know which targets are reached by your communication strategy and to know if you have, indeed, reach the defined objective. The goal being to reorient the communication strategy toward the aimed target.

The goals :
- Measure the brand knowledge of your business
- Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the business communication
- Draw up strategic recommendations to increase the fame of your business

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Our methodology

  • 1
    Probing of your needs
  • 2
    We think of a customed methodology
  • 3
    Ground Stage
    Assess the relevance of your communication actions
  • 4
    Analysis Stage
    Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the communication strategy
  • 5
    Final Report
    We build a strategic action plan in order to boost your image

2016, 2014 & 2013

Award for the best communication strategy

2015 & 2011

Best Junior-Entreprise of France