Business Plan

This document will enable you to realize your project in all aspects. Firstly, on a strategic and a commercial level by accessing the opportunities and the threats to a market, but also financially via the creation of financial forecasts of the activity across three years and estimates of the cost-effectiveness of the project. It is thus essential for convincing potential investors.

Why order a Business Plan from us?

  • Entrepreneurship is at the heart of our process :
    Our experience has been acclaimed multiple times by the “Label Entrepreneur” (in 2011, 2012, 2014 et 2015) who rewards the best study in France carried out by a Junior-Enterprise for a startup enterprise.
  • Did you know?
    According to a study, only 40% of companies with less than 5 employees still exist four years after their creation, (according to MEDEIE 2008). The reason for this is the lack of preparation and visionary of the entrepreneur. A Business Plan makes it possible to anticipate the potential risks or opportunities for the company and gives a quantified vision over three years thanks to financial forecasts.
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